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Incubator LUMMINA PRO 8

LUMMINA PRO 8: here is the new generation of incubator and automatic reader of biological indicators.


LUMMINA PRO 8 is the only fast-reading incubator on the market that analyzes the fluorimetric reaction of biological indicators through results obtained by images. Developed 100% in Brazil by a team of highly specialized engineers, the LUMMINA PRO 8 is endowed with innovative resources and state-of-the-art technology. It was designed to fully meet the demands of the national and international market. Its LCD touchscreen plus intuitive interface provide simple and agile handling. It has 8 incubation cavities, and due to its flexible configuration it allows to simultaneously incubate biological indicators from different processes and with different reading times.


Confirmation of the presence or absence of reference microorganisms is made by a system of optical sensors and analytical software that filters, analyzes and quantifies signals by spectral bands that confirm that the detected fluorescence comes from the reference microorganism or not. After the analysis, the result is obtained and an image is made available.


Thus, both the result and the control image are visualized on the LCD screen and documented by the printer. This image counterproof provides complete fidelity to the incubation process and reading of biological indicators, and provides the necessary security for the release of sterilized articles.


Compatible only with CLICKTEST Fluorimetric biological indicators, the LUMMINA PRO 8 Incubator and Automatic Reader has an internal memory for storing the last 10,000 records and a USB port that allows export via pen-drive, facilitating data recording, traceability and storage.


LUMMINA PRO 8, the world's first fluorometric incubator with imaging results.

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