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Bowie & Dick Test - Ready Pack

Bowie & Dick ready-to-pack test by Maxximed, technological and innovative, consists of an exclusive waterproof packaging and a set of sheets that form an efficient barrier system. With a super compact design and pioneering technology, it guarantees efficiency, reproducibility, quality, safety and economy in your process.


Available in air removal and steam penetration version (7 kg) as per ISO 11140 part 4 and also in air removal version (4 kg) as per ISO 11140 part 5.

Foto Produtos_Bowie & Dick_Prancheta 1.jpg

Air Removal Test
Type Ready Package - 4KG

Foto Produtos_Bowie & Dick 7Kg_Prancheta 1.jpg

Air Removal Test
and Steam Penetration
Type Ready Package - 7KG

Teste BOWIE & DICK-01.jpg

Bowie & Dick Test
Ready Pack
Steam Line

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